Name: Sierra 
Weight: 80 pounds
​Fav. Activity: I love playing in the water especially during irrigation time.

​Fun Fact:  I am a hunter who loves birds.  Family time is my favorite!

AZ Firehouse Labs

Name: Koda the bear 
Weight: 85 pounds
​Fav. Activity: I like to relax and let the other dogs chase the birds.

​Fun Fact: I am a sandals & shorts kind of dog

Name: Chase

Weight: 100 pounds​

​Fav. Activity: I love to run and play fetch. I am very active!

​Fun Fact:  My name is Chase, I will catch you.

Name: Elsa
Weight: 70 pounds
​Fav. Activity: I enjoy playing with rope toys and tossing them into the air.

Fun Fact:  I got my name from the movie Frozen.

Name: Lacy
Weight: 75 pounds
​Fav. Activity: I enjoy camping and playing fetch.

​Fun Fact:  I am in charge! I love birds and chow time.